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Our New Book Releases:


Truth And Dare

Truth And Dare is both a character education and personal development curriculum. Instead of being another ‘what not to do’ program that focuses on trying to control behavior by emphasizes negative consequences and invoking fear, Truth And Dare is an Empowerment Coaching Curriculum which raises the student’s awareness into how their thinking, attitudes, and behaviors directly affect their lives and challenges them to look for, and make, choices that best represents the person they want to be.  Truth And Dare uses Educational Insights, Empowering Inquiries, Accountability, and Achievable Actions to help students define Who they Are and develop the habits which will allow them to reach their full potential in Life.

For more information on the Truth And Dare Curriculum, visit www.truthanddare.org



Personality Coaching

Who You Really Are, your Authentic and Loving I, is forever experiencing the emotional, mental, and physical stability that comes from knowing Itself as Love and is patiently waiting for you to embrace your power to align Who You Are - with who you are being in each moment so you can live a more joyful, purposeful, and love-filled Life. 

Through a 3-step integration process, involving the Awareness, Acceptance, and Alignment of all three identities, The Undivided Self awakens the reader to the presence and purpose of their personalities, reunites them with their Authentic Self, and teaches them how to reach their full potential so they can experience the life they desire and deserve.