What is life coaching

Life Empowerment Coaching is a means for expanding and achieving one's greatest potential in Life.  Life Empowerment Coaching is a process by which a certified coach, trained in the art of inquiry and empowerment techinques, engages in a healthy and purposeful relationship with a client who desires to create positive and significant changes in their life.  Life Empowerment Coaching helps to improve on or establish a client's emotional, mental, and physical stability so that they can create and experience the life they both desire and deserve!      

How is Life coaching done

Most Life Empowerment Coaching is done via telephone.  Typically, coach and client will schedule a 45 minute-1hour phone call once a week.  Most coaches offer a 30 minute free consultation and then require a 3 month commitment up front for coaching services.  ***For WendyLynn, exceptions are negotiable.***  Some coaches also provide email support throughout the week and limited emergency calls if necessary.  The complimentary session is often used to discuss the terms of the agreement, pricing, and establish a healthy coach/client relationship.

What are the benefits of Life Empowerment Coaching?

  • Life coaches help clients to identify and remove beliefs or behaviors that may be blocking them from the success they desire.

  • Life coaches will expose and challenge any beliefs that may be limiting a client's potential.

  • Life coaches provide the emotional support and validation often needed to release, or let go of, a negative self image.

  • Life coaches create shifts in their client's energy (from negative or catabolic energy to healthy anabolic energy).

  • Life coaches can teach clients how to replace their victim or ego mentalities with positive thought processing that serves them and improves their quality of life.

  • Life coaches hold clients accountable for their growth and success by co-creating the action steps required to achieve desired goals.

  • Life coaches supply their clients with the tools and strategies to make choices that are beneficial and best represent the person the client aims to be.

  • Life coaches encourage their clients to Create Who They Are by establishing the Clarity, Conviction, Commitment, and Courage required to align their behaviors with their good intentions.

  • Life coaches challenge their clients to be the main character in their own life instead of an 'extra' in someone else's. (Letting go of the need or willingness to please others when it compromises one's Self.)

Who You Are has less to do with ‘who you were’ yesterday... and more to do with ‘Who You CHOOSE to BE’ today!
— WendyLynn